Savvy Awards Black Pirate 13-05-22.jpg

Mavericks don't live by rules and conventions.
They break them.

They are ahead of their time - and ahead of the pack.

They are curious.


Hungry and humble.

They see opportunities where others see obstacles.

They make history and headlines.

They create and innovate.

They make things different, better, simpler, smarter, faster.

Mavericks and ideas make a difference.

They change the world.

Because frankly,

Nobody else ever has.

This award is for them.


The Savvy Awards are different.
There are no categories and no applications.
Just today's most inspiring innovators and creatives.
Selected by a group of experts.

Founders, leaders and tastemakers who know
what's hot in our overcrowded digital world.

There are no nominees at the Savvy Awards, just winners.

And a Grand Prix for the innovator of the year.
The prize?

Unique, custom-made works of art for every winner.

Not a standard statue.

Do you savvy?